Hotel Management Services

Malibu Hotel Group is a powerhouse for proven asset management services and strategies to improve hotel performance and increase revenue. Our aggressive asset management team will work closely with you to rank assets, train and evaluate hotel managers, coordinate ownership transitions, and ultimately drive traffic to your property. Our passion for profitability is now your greatest asset.

Malibu Hotel Group’s Asset Management services include:

• Oversight and coordination of ownership transition phase with hotel Property Manager
• Monthly analysis of hotel sales data with Property Manager
• Monthly owners meetings at the hotel property to review and measure performance
• Providing meaningful updates on market competition

MHG is a progressive hotel management company providing full-service hospitality expertise to quality hotels. We drive positive results for hotels and ownership groups with creativity, eye for detail, and careful attention to the things that make our acquisitions unique.

Our services ensure profitability and tangible results, providing the necessary skills for success to a wide cross-section of the industry, including luxury, full-service, and select-service hotels.

Our proven track record includes year over year growth from the time we take on a project, through our daily revenue management strategies, online marketing, and guided sales efforts.

If you are a hotel developer or owner and are interested in speaking with us about how we can help you, or if you would like to talk about investment opportunities with our current or future projects, please contact Gary Peterson at